SXFi Theater 2.4 GHz Low-latency Wireless USB Headphones with Super X-Fi Audio Holography for Movies

SXFi Theater 2.4 GHz Low-latency Wireless USB Headphones with Super X-Fi Audio Holography for Movies

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Designed for the movie buff, Creative SXFI THEATER is the perfect Super X-Fi headphones for film lovers.

magine capturing the listening experience of a high-end multi-speaker system in a professional studio, and recreating the same expansive experience — with the same original depth, detail, realism, and immersiveness — in your headphones.

Each of us hears the world differently — our unique head and ear shapes affect how we perceive sound. Super X-Fi personalizes the headphone audio experience based on how you hear sound to give you the most optimized and realistic listening experience.

This is done by simply taking three photos of your face and ears with your phone.

The SXFI THEATER brings the movie theater to you in the form of audio holography. What sets it apart is our Super X-Fi personalization process - where you'll be guided through a Head and Ear-Mapping process that custom tunes audio to your very own ears. Whether you're streaming the latest 4K movie off iTunes, or watching compressed clips off YouTube, the audio is as good as the real cinema!

Fitted with a detachable gaming mic which has been engineered for clear communications, SXFI THEATER is an excellent headphone choice for gamers who favor an immersive experience in game titles with cinematic audio.

Experience the full Super X-Fi cinematic audio at the comfort of your home without lag! SXFI THEATER comes without the hassle of tangled wires and is optimized for impeccable audio and video sync for low-latency audio.

And when compared to Bluetooth®, SXFI THEATER is capable of better quality audio transmission with higher reliability. This is made possible through its SXFI TX, a wireless USB dongle with the built-in UltraDSP that powers the Super X-Fi technology, and a proprietary digital audio transmission technology. A separate USB Extension dock (1.2m / 3.94 ft) is provided to extend the range of SXFI THEATER.

Put simply, enjoy smooth and uninterrupted movie playtime without the annoying lag in Bluetooth headphones.

We've also included a 3.5 mm AUX-in cable for your other non-USB devices. Super X-Fi will not be available in this option.

Not only designed for remarkable audio quality and long-lasting usage, SXFI THEATER brings great comfort and better headphones experience! The SXFI THEATER is fitted with high-quality, soft protein leather that are snug to your ears, and guarantees elevated comfort during extended use. It is also fully replaceable so you can switch them out through a quick-release mechanism for easy ear pad replacement.

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